Froth, foam, scum, slag

“He sends down rain from the sky, causing the valleys to flow, each according to its capacity. The currents then carry along rising foam, similar to the slag produced from metal that people melt in the fire for ornaments or tools. This is how Allah compares truth to falsehood. The ╦╣worthless╦║ residue is then cast away, but what benefits people remains on the earth. This is how Allah sets forth parables.”

(Holy Quran 13.17)


What a profound parable –

The currents make a froth, a foam appears on the surface, and it looks so very part of the water that it feels like the water is such only, but after a while the froth/the foam gets carried away, and the clear water becomes apparent, which is beneficial for the earth and its inhabitants.

Likewise, the impurities on the metal appear to be a part of it, but when it is melted in the fire for ornaments and other useful tools, then it is separated from the metals as slag/waste residual.

The falsehood might appear on the surface as overwhelming the truth, almost as part of it, because it clings so firmly (apparently). But just like the froth, the foam and the scum get separated, so will be the falsehood from the truth, no matter how much people/ baatil systems try to make them appear as one.

Truth has a tendency to stand evident and clear. It is beneficial for the earth and its inhabitants only in its unadulterated form.

People might rejoice in seeing truth getting overwhelmed by impurities and adulteration. They think it is all achieved, but Allah Al-Hakeem sends forth parables to make us comprehend the eventual distinguishment of the pure from the slag/froth.


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