Why not Bharat Mata ki Jai

As reported by Alok Singh in The Indian Express newspaper updated on March 30 2016 – “An 18-year-old madrasa student’s arm was broken, and two of his classmates injured on March 26, after a group of extremist men allegedly assaulted them for not saying ‘Jai Mata Ki’ in outer Delhi’s Begumpur area.” 


You know why we dont say Bharat Mata ki jai?
Because we are muslims.

The kalimah we recite is La’ilaaha illalAllah Muhammed ur Rasool Allah-There is no God but Allah and Muhammed is the messenger of Allah.
Now, imagine the status of our Prophet Muhammed pbuh that our kalimah is not complete without muhammed ur rasoolAllah-(Muhammed pbuh is the messenger of Allah). 
Imagine, the depth of it, the love and respect we have for our Prophet pbuh BUT then too we are not allowed to bow him or worship him.
Because, worship is for Him – One and Only and it is HE Who has commanded us to do so.
Now, when we dont even bow and worship to the Prophet pbuh whom we love and respect more than anything then how can we bow or worship the country as deity or holy mata?
And to say a thing just for the sake of saying, upon which one neither believes, nor testify is sheer hypocrisy, so that’s the reason we don’t even say such slogans.
We love India and our love is not confined to India only, we are born into it, we love it, but we love humans across the man made boundaries as well.
As far as the debate of bharat mata ki jai is concerned, I as someone who loves India a lot believes that rather than on “Bharat mata ki”, we should actually talk/discuss upon Bharat KI matao/betiyon and even beto ki haalat (condition)  and how to improve it. 

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