We all are befooled

April Fool, and we are so concerned, SubhanAllah!
“Don’t celebrate it, it is not in Islam to befool anyone or mock or joke upon, belittle anyone or lie even in jest!”
Yes, true indeed it is. 

And let’s not forget that Islam commandeth us neither to fool and mock others NOR get befooled and mocked upon by others. 

The energy and enthusiasm with which “no to April fool’s day” message is being propagated and circulated is also appreciated, but I wish and pray that people utilise  the same energy to stand against not such one day but everyday where the befooling of us all, yes, of us all by the capitalists irrespective of the fact in which forms they are –  open tyrants, the hypocrites, the so called religious and political leaders is happening. 
May we stand against their befooling of masses en grand nombre. 
Watawasau bil haqq. 

Watawasau bis sabr is what we need to strive everywhere be it on individual level or on societal. 


May Allah swt bless us not to fear the deceivers and their allies. 


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