What if those turmoils are the way to Al- Waliyy

There are times, when I have felt like, it is better to be alone than mixing with people, helping them, giving them good naseeha, and bearing all the harsh consequences and backlashes after, better be alone, and stop mixing with people at all, better be in cave, away from all harm!

But then I was reminded of reminders like this very beautiful hadees –

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The believer who mixes with people and is patient with their harm has a greater reward than the believer who does not mix with people, nor is patient with their harm.”

And then I thought to myself that as far as being in cave is concerned, it is good to have a cave time, we all crave for it!

But our going into our caves should be AFTER standing for haqq, it should not be an escape from not doing anything actually, the people of cave (as’habul kahf) are also praised in
Holy Quran because those youth stood for haqq, and they sought Allah’s refuge.

A couple of months ago, I underwent a very tough situation, I helped someone, and that help turned out to be a tough thing for me, despite all the prior warnings to both the parties, I also had to give an (unasked) advise for the sake of Allah alone, and I had to bear very tough repurcussions of it, it impacted my life for a lot many weeks.

I was truly amazed as to how much people can be manipulative, and impulsive to follow their desires all in the name of Islam, without reasoning the consequences, and how it can even impact their lives, and others here and even in hereafter too.

So, from all praises, I was turned into a villain all of a sudden, and that’s the weird case with humans, if they are benefitted instantly then you are a hero, but if you speak justly and it goes against their interests, then just because you don’t validate the wrong, you will become a villain, full of venom!

I turned into my cave, seeking Allah’s refuge. I could have done a lot many things before going into my cave, but I left it all on Allah Al-Adl, as I didn’t want it to be personal anymore.

In my cave, I thought to myself why I helped those people in the first place, and why did I give them unasked advises?

But then I was reminded again of the above beautiful hadees of mixing with people and being patient upon the harm.

I tried to be patient, I prayed to Allah As-Saboor (The Most Patient One) to give me sabr, and endurance to mix with them again as I can’t abandon people completely as per Islam, just because they played a horrendous role in my life due to their follies, and immaturities.

But before initiating the discussion from my side, many a times, it happened that I looked again and again up above the sky, as to how am I going to start again, refresh, all for His sake?

He – Al Aleem – The Knower of all, knows me better than me.
He knew everything!
He knew why I think I should start again, and forgive even though they didn’t ask for the forgiveness, He knew I was thinking about it for His sake only, BUT somewhere I also wanted to stay away from them, as the deception was too overwhelming for me, from the very, very beginning, and I always used to give benefit of doubts, too much compassionate I was indeed!

Between my heart (as not to mix), and Allah’s command (not to break bonds), I have chosen Allah’s will.
Perhaps! that was the last test in this chapter, meant for me.

Alahmdulillah! Allah is Al-Fattah (The Opener of closed doors).

One fine day, I told my husband that I think I should initiate the conversation myself, leaving behind all the emotional turmoil they have given me, knowing they are not even sorry for their follies, as every wrong is fair and appealing in their eyes, and justified.

My husband, who is very kind, and is always the first to advise and encourage on forgiving others, out of no where, literally commanded me not to initiate any talk, conversation, and not to mingle with such set of people ever again, without his permission!

I know this very clearly that if the husband commands, not to meet certain set of people (and they are not tied with you through the relationship of wombs) then as a wife, one is obliged to obey him.

SubhanAllah! When we do things for His sake, He paves a way out from His immense mercy. Truly! My test was immense, from the concealment of the faults of fellow muslims, to helping them, and giving them (unasked) advise, with severe backlashes, and to again re-consider maintaining the bond for Allah’s sake, but Allah Al- Fattah heard my unsaid words, and noticed my seeing up above the sky again and again, He (swt) relieved me through the means I didn’t envision!

Alhamdulillah! There is nothing beautiful than having a friend, about Whom you know that He knows it all, but you pour it all to Him, and then you know there are unsaid words, and He (swt) reciprocate to them too in beautiful ways!

The only dua, I made.
That in return of this trial,
You! O’Allah! be my Friend!
Ya’ Al- Waliyy!
Ya’ Al-Mujeeb!

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