Trust Him

One fine morning, I was coming back from doing tawaaf (circumambulating) Kaaba, when I just stepped out the vicinity of it, this long, big sharp nailed hanger just fell in front of me, it was an escape by seconds. I was breathless for some seconds, as had it been a few seconds later, I would have suffered badly. But what I realised was the fact that Allah swt, give us these reminders to make us realise that it is only HE who protects and you are not safe anywhere on earth, the holiest place, just outside the vicinity of Kaaba, I escaped this accident, all by His will, it is only He, Who helps you in many ways, sometimes we realise it as it becomes apparent and many times we don’t even appreciate as it is hidden from us, that how amazingly He swt help us, save us, rescue us from harm be it then through objects or through venomous people even on places we consider the safest. Alhamdulillah ❤ SubhanAllahi wabihamdihi.

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