The system is anti people

Peaceful voices of dissent are not tolerated by the system which propagates – Freedom of speech and expression?

As we have clearly seen that under NRC, there will be many who will be affected in the process of producing documents BUT it will be *mainly muslims* who will suffer *ultimately* as they will be in the state of statelessness, deprived of citizenship which will be given under CAA to all those who failed under NRC excluding muslim community only.

This act is Islamophobic in its entirety.

But the fact remains intact that this system is against the people, especially the poor, the ones with a voice of dissent!

The increasing gap of rich and poor, the farmer’s horrible plight, the fees hike, the inflation, the corruption all has affected all common people.

This system is anti people.

This system is for the capitalists.

A system of the goons with no accountability.

Hasbunallahu Wa’nimal Wakeel!

May Allah swt protect us all.

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