Those impediments

“Therefore let not such as believe not therein but follow their own lusts, divert thee therefrom, lest thou perish!”

This is the English translation of Holy Quran’s surah taha ayat no 16.

In the same surah in ayat no 13, Allah swt is giving the glad tiding to Prophet Moosa a.s that he has been chosen by Him.

And in ayat 16, He is instructing that do not let anyone who does not believe in it and follows his desire avert you from this, for you [then] would perish!

– A lesson we should understand that the whims and desires of those who desire this world alone should not avert us from haqq, even if it means walking alone as doing so means being perished in His sight and there is nothing huge than this loss!

We all know Prophet Moosa a.s was commanded to confront the biggest tyrant and oppressor – Pharoah.

The task was not easy.
And interestingly, it was given to him, when he saw fire and thought of approaching it, in order that it may be a source of some light and guidance for him and his family.

He was given a bigger light and guidance.

Despite having impediment in his speech, he was the chosen one, that too, to confront the biggest tyrant!
He prayed for making Haroon (a.s) as his right hand in this noble work and he was granted his wish.

May Allah swt make us steadfast on His deen and may we never get diverted from sirat al mustaqeem and may we never get perished in His sight and may we also confront the tyranny of our times, despite all the impediments we have in our lives, which sometimes drag us to our lowest lows, making us feel we are good for nothing, may these impediments doesn’t stop us, may we be assisted by Him by many right hands.


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