On Sacrifice

So, now we will have some people, randomly popping out from pata nahi kaha se, asking for not to sacrifice and highlighting that they don’t sacrifice and do charity instead to the poor and needy!

I just would like to say, Muslims are not the ones who have to replace the sacrifice with sadqah (charity), they are already highly encouraged by Islam to do so and they do round the year, for His sake alone!

For your information, it is part of our religion to divide the whole sacrificial meat *equally* in three parts, one part of which goes to the *poor and needy only*, the other part is for giving it in gift to the relatives, the remaining one is for the self, even from which, most of the part is voluntarily donated to earn His pleasure.

Statements like – “Let’s go vegan this eid and contribute that money of sacrifice to the poor and needy instead” are actually statements which belittle the command of Allah swt.

Sadqah (charity) is highly recommended in Islam and it is recommended throughout the year!
And infact, if you will read about doing charity, you will be amazed how beautifully Allah swt ask us to carry it, to give the best and be generous and not to remind the needy of this generous act and not to expect any services in return of this as it is done purely for His sake and rewards should be expected from Him only.

It is only Allah swt – Who tells what to do and when.

In addition to this all, there are big corporate food outlets, which slaughters thousands of animals daily to make huge money for themselves only, but nobody bats an eye on it!

So, yes donate generously for His sake, help the poor and needy round the clock, even more doing eid *BUT do not substitute the sacrifice* just because it feels good for you to do so.
Ibaadat is bandagi and is done to make Him please and not to make your nafs please.

May Allah swt accept it from us and you.

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