Those words of that rickshaw puller

While on her way to somewhere on rickshaw under the scorching heat that too of Delhi, the driver took her from a different route, new to her, a downtrodden area with so much poverty all around.
She murmured loud enough – “inki bhi kia zindagi hai?”
The rickshaw puller said – “apse mujhse behtar hai.”
Amazed she asked how come bhaiyya?
The rickshaw puller said – “apko aur mujhko hisaab dena hoga, humne inke liye kia kia?”
Subhanallah, sometimes there is so much  gravity and weight in some man’s talk that it really strikes hard.
She asked him after a significant pause.
“Bhaiyya, apka roza hai?”
“Jiska bina kisi sharai uzur ke roza nahi, wo badey khasarey mein hai.”
Alhamdulillah, even while crossing our ways, on small routes we come across beautiful people around.
The words of that rickshaw puller, who himself was a poor man were precious than the hoards of gold and wealth of any rich man.

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