The strings

The kite’s invisible string kills,
which you fly in sky in the name of independence day’s celebrations at height.

There are strings which are invisible and there are visible ones but are made imperceptible to divert the attention and scope of interrogation.

Like – the man made national pride kills innocents in the name of national interests it builds.

It also shrouds all those who want to do progressive for the voiceless.

But, yeah!!

Ye are so immersed, deep in the pool of so called azadi, to distinguish what is wrong and what is right with right perspective

Changing of display pics, singing of slogans, saluting the tricolour and saying bharat mata ki jai is all progressive in thy sight.

For a second, leave the pre conceived notions aside

And try to feel the spirit of those who love the place they are born into but not to an extent that they get blind and vouch high to kill anyone in the name of shadowy, man made imaginary lines,
they feel the pain of the oppressed, and they try to relieve it, irrespective of anything and any lines.

They dont chant bharat mata ki jai as it contradicts with their beliefs and they believe in relieving the burdens of the oppressed and sidelined.

They raise their voice high against the injustice of the ruling and elites, risking their lives, as they know well freedom of speech and expression are nothing but deceptions, as when it is used to express the tyranny of the oppressors against the poor farmer’s suicides, the rapes so high, the genocides, the communal hatred, the fake encounters, the plight of minorities, they are given the certificate of anti nationals from the channels who just wants to get their TRP’s high and are in the servitude of babus elight.


– Is still a mission from the colonised thoughts and from the innumerable cries.

If you think you are really azad then flip the pages of newspaper, sit with the oppressed and ask are we really azad?

To hate is easy.
To see the picture through provided blur spectrum is easier.
To see the other side with clear sight is something extraordinary and matter of vision.

So, yes the kite’s invisible strings kills but there are strings which are not invisible but are made indiscernible that they appear as if they are not even existent in real terms.

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