And when you meet such real life protagonist

The pain was immense to meet and witness the heart breaking events which has turned their life upside down but it was a pleasure to meet the brave hearts.From Dr. Kafeel Khan who was jailed just because he helped the innocents and his help pointed out the U.P government’s administrative failures, – to Najeeb’s mother, whose son was abducted from university campus and is still missing, – to Junaid’s mother, whose haafiz e Quran son was lynched to death while he was travelling back to home, his culprits were jailed for life time imprisonment but then they were released after a month and were welcomed with open arms with garlands and laddoos by the people.Each and Every story was heartbreaking enough to give one migraine, but with duas that may Allah swt ease their sufferings, loss and pain, I would like to share the words of Junaid’s mother.SubhanAllah! The way she was addressing her son was heart touching, she was addressing him as Hafiz Junaid rahimullah.She told that the day she got the news that her son is no more in this duniya, she praised Allah swt because no matter the days are good or bad, He swt should be praised.”Ye din bhi qubool hai, agar yehi Teri marzi hai, Innalillahi wa’inna ilahi ra’jioon.”She got a lump in her throat while saying this and I believe we all had while hearing these lines.She further said, the mob Lynching is such a coward act, a planned murder on individuals by the mob, if they want to fight they should declare it and come from front and have it on front lines, not stabbing our sons while they are not having anything to even defend back!She said, people like Modi will not understand as he has abandoned his own wife, he doesn’t have his own family, no sons, he will not understand the pain of losing someone.The fear, they are creating should be confronted, they want us to be in fear, but we should fear only Him, Who has asked us to stand for justice be it against our own selves. We should understand that there is delay in His adl but He is not unjust in the least bit, even the Firawn, the Qaroon didn’t stay forever, the Firawn was not even accepted by the earth or water as an ibrat, an inspiration for the coming tyrants !The need of the hour is that we should not fear them – the cowards.The need is to take a stand with firmness.The need is to have faith.inshaAllah.—————SubhanAllah! Believe me, my words cannot do justice the way she has spoken.True indeed, as journalist Arifa Khanam from the wire, who was there in the programme organised by United against hate said – “they are not *victim’s* relative, they are the brave hearted women, who resist.”May Allah swt ease the pain and sufferings and make things easy for all.It was indeed tough for me to even look at the hard copies she was carrying with her, of her Shaheed son (who was lynched to death just because he was a Muslim). I was wondering if looking at the images was so hard then how hard it has been for them to endure it all and seeing how the culprit was released with warm welcome, how hard had it been for the poor family who is all occupied now to get their case justice from the court.Hasbunallahu wa’nimal Wakeel!Meeting the likes of her, I have realised the inspirational stories we used to listen of the brave mothers and women is still alive amidst us, but perhaps not documented.”It is Satan who urges you to fear his followers; do not fear them, but fear Me, if you are true believers.”Surah Al Imran ayat no 175.

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