The Silent Peaceful Protest

The temperature today in New Delhi is 38 degree.
While, I am sitting in the comforts of my home (because of my low blood pressure), there are hundreds of women with small kids, and alone, dwindling with the scorching heat of Delhi, gathered in Ram leela maidan today, against the instant triple talaq bill, the number seems huge, despite the fact that today is the weekday, and many being students or working ones might not have turned up because of leave issues and work pressures.
One may wonder why I am writing this post as previously, I have already briefly highlighted the flaws in the instant triple talaq bill?
The flaws like – How a husband will prove that he has not given instant triple talaq to his wife and his wife is lying, as only the statement of wife, or anyone else is enough to say that the husband has given instant triple talaq at one go and according to the bill the police can arrest the husband even without the warrant. And in such a case, the husband will be criminalised, put to jail. In such cases, the men are bound to suffer as their whole carrier will now be shattered, and as in many cases, man being the bread earner, may heavily impact the dependents which may include his mother, sisters (again women who will become the victims) and on top of it he, being behind the jail is bound to provide for the maintenance of his wife and children (as per the bill), I mean how can someone provide it being behind bar?
Even woman will suffer as her husband is in jail for three years and she cannot remarry, AND as per the SC the divorce didn’t happen so when the divorce didn’t take place at first place then how can she remarry again?
And the husband who has spent his three years in jail obviously won’t reconcile with his wife, so the re- conciliation doors will also be shut down.
If you have time then please go through this link, have written this long back

Triple Talaq

Well! What is interesting for me is that hundreds of women gathered in Ram leela maidan and they peacefully protested there, though it is no denying the fact (and let’s be real to it)that in the absence of Islam as an established system, women have suffered comparatively a lot as the instant triple talaq though considered valid as per the difference in opinion, there is no one to punish the men (as per religion) who used to give such talaq at one go, and divorced women, mainly because of ignorant (jaahil) societal pressure and perspective are considered as nothing but flawed and crooked one, there is no one to protect her honour and maintenance as was the case with shariah, that the Islamic ruler used to be the maintainer and protector of her dignity and basic necessities. Remarriage was not a big issue then as the divorced ones were not looked down like in today’s age.

I am really amazed that muslim women these days are getting only bits and pieces of Islam and because of it they are indeed getting highly oppressed but then too their commitment and love for their deen made them gather in great numbers.
Though I appreciate muslim personal law board’s enormous efforts in this struggle but it is saddening that though muslim personal law board is doing everything to spread awareness and fight the government’s strange schemes (which has its own propaganda in the name of muslim women relief), has reduced somewhere Islam to matter of personal laws thinking that living as a minority, to protect the personal laws related to marriage, divorce, inheritance etc are more than enough.
May Allah swt accept their efforts, obviously everyone is striving as per their level for Him alone, but one should understand that today it was instant triple talaq, tomorrow it will be hijab or anything else, they have much in store to stone, the need of the time is that muslims should get to know what is shariah actually in its entirety and how it is a blessing for the Muslims and non muslims communities.

And amidst of all this, what is disgusting was the remark of Shahi Imam of Jama masjid that women on street on protest is innovation and muslim personal law board has made women come to street and he raised the security concern as well.
Dear Imam sahib, it is no innovation to raise your voice for what is right.
And please dont even attempt to make the existence and resistance of women as fitna, we are tired of it!!!
Everyone is fitna, not only women – men, children, blessings, pain, everything is fitna, an imam, a scholar, a leader all are fitna somewhere too at times.
Dear, Imam sahib. It was a peaceful protest march, but let me remind you women in past were in battlefields too for right and against evil, so dont belittle their being on streets for protests.
And as far as security concern is concerned then Alhamdulillah there were other men who were deeply concerned too and they went out, and were near to the protest in case women needs their help.
So, thank you.

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