The resistance

My kids were watching a video based on experiment conducted on gravity and resistance.

In it was shown that a bowling ball and some feathers were dropped from the same height, (initially at rest), but reached the surface of the ground at varied times.

The ball arrived early and the feathers late.

And then vacuum was created so that any sort of air resistance is eliminated and when it was done completely, the ball and the feathers were again dropped from the same height and this time both arrived at the same time.

It was the air resistance which was hindering the feathers.

The resistance removed, and even the light feathers reached the ground exactly the same time as the ball arrived.

A scientific experiment which has taught us somewhere the role of resistance.

Even the light feathers will reach the ground if there is complete void but the air resistance delays it.

Resistance delays and hinders!

Now, this is open to decode, depends upon how it is understood on the receiving end.

You may take resistance in a positive light, by being a part of it and hindering the evil schemes or you may think it like – that the resistance one gets from outside collides and delays the journey and should be avoided as much as possible by not absorbing it.

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