The Kunan Poshpora

We know that the heartbreaking Kunan Poshpora incident occurred on February 23, 1991, when unit(s) of the Indian army launched a search and interrogation operation in the twin villages of Kunan and Poshpora, located in Kashmir’s remote Kupwara District, at least 100 women were gang raped by soldiers that night. However, human rights organizations including Human Rights Watchhave said that the number of raped women could be as high as 150.

What a shame!
But nay, don’t take the name as the rapists were men in uniforms.
It will bring bad name!!!

But how debauch it is all in the name of nationalism?
Seriously, what a measles it is to the humanity.
The rapists will not be oppressors as they were the men in uniforms?

How derogatory it is in all forms!

Indeed, what happened that night was horrible, but what is more horrible perhaps is that though the justice is not yet served, the same atrocious crime is still doing the rounds in corner, and now even in open air with nationalistic flag raised high, the protest against were carried out in broad daylight light against the one who was an accused as a rapist in the case of an eight year old nomad girl, but because the rapist was a special police officer (SPO) so the protest rallied in broad daylight with nationalistic flag raised high.

The horrible incident of
Kunan Poshpora,
seems still alive
In horrible memories, in scars,
in pain,
and in reality again in the present times to commemorate and mourn.

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