Priya Prakash Varrier and the controversy

In just two days, Priya Prakash Varrier Instagram account added over two million followers. Her Facebook page, where she started posting on February 10, has already added over 2,50,000 followers. And on February 11 and 12, the words ‘Priya Prakash Varrier’, ‘Priya Varrier video’, and ‘Priya Varrier Instagram’ were some of the most searched for words on Google in India.
The popularity is largely because of her winking.
‘Manikya Malaraya Poovi’, the song from Malayalam filmmaker Omar Lulu’s forthcoming film Oru Adaar Love, which went viral on social media, led to a debate on whether it should be retained on YouTube and in movie.
Well! We have lots of reactions coming out –
As expected, the news channel anchors got a topic to scream their lungs out and highlight that how Islam has issue with “love”.
As we know, the upcoming movie, written and directed by Omar Lulu, tells the story of plus two (12th) students, the movie is directed and scripted in a way to highlight the school campus crushes.

Well! To equate love with crushes and infatuation and wooing through winks is very idiotic in itself.

Secondly, though the song may be a folk song and has been sung traditionally in Kerela but the lyrics of the song juxtaposed with the picturization of crushes and especially the wink and wooing is highly objectionable and to object it doesnot mean Islam is against love or we are hate ambassadors, and to have justification that the director of the movie is a muslim himself is no excuse to exempt.

No doubt as the lyrics says, about hazrat khadija – the girl like a pearl flower, she rightly can be symbolised with a precious pearl, a flower, but the information that her qalb desired Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) the moment she saw him is not right.

As per tafsir ibn kathir –

Khadijah (ra), came from a noble family. Her father Khuwaylid had been one of the most honored leaders of their tribe until he was killed in battle. Her husband had also died, leaving her a very wealthy woman. When Muhammad (peace be upon him) was still a young man, she entrusted him (pbuh) with some of her wealth, asking him to trade with it in Syria on her behalf. He (pbuh) was already well known for his honesty, truthfulness and trustworthiness. He (pbuh) returned from Syria after having made a large profit for Khadijah(ra).
After hearing his (pbuh) account of the journey, she decided that he (pbuh) would make the best of the husbands, even though many of the most important nobles of the Quraish had already proposed to her and had been refused, and in due course she proposed to him. After the Prophet’s uncle, Abu Talib, had given the proposed marriage his blessing, Muhammad (pbuh) and Khadijah (ra) were married. At the time of the marriage, the Prophet (pbuh) was twenty-five years old, while Khadijah (ra) was forty years old.

Khadijah ra had been the first to publicly accept Muhammad (pbuh) as the Messenger of Allah, and she had never stopped doing all she could to help him. Love and mercy had grown between them, increasing in quality and depth as the years passed by, and not even death could take this love away. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never stopped loving Khadijah (ra).
The Prophet (pbuh) said about Khadija ra: “She believed in me when no one else did; she accepted Islam when people rejected me; and she helped and comforted me when there was no one else to lend me a helping hand.”


Yes, Nodoubt, Love is natural emotion and there are people who fall in love with each other at first sight as well, and there is no harm in it, people get carried away in love on looks as well, but what they are commanded by deen is that they without being indulged in wooing and flirting and winking – the fahash (indecent) stuff, should seek the proper channel and halal way that is marriage, a union, a contract of two people holding hands in thick and thorns, in Allah’s name, taking Allah swt as The Ultimate Witness and respecting the boundaries laid down by deen not to transgress.

To equate or juxtapose beautiful love even as a background voice with winks, wooing and infatuation on the screen, is an insult to love itself, and to have lyrics in background about the greatest personalities (blessings be upon them) running is nothing but derogatory in highest degree.

As far as your expression of freedom and expression is concerned,
Then this concept is very hypocritical in all its essence.

If you say anything against the atrocities happening in society then you are nothing but an antinational. If you say anything about the hypocrisy that how on Padmavati movie, a character, Rani Padmavat who is controversial among historians that whether she existed or not in reality, we saw such destruction of public properties and even stoning the school van of kids, and setting on fire the properties and what not all in the name of protests, but when it is highlighted that how kashmiris are targeted when they sit on peaceful protests and are attacked with pellet guns, then you are labelled as terrorist sympathisers. It is said you are free to wear what you wish, but on wearing hijab you are discriminated and labelled as radical who should learn how to assimilate in culture and society.
And the examples are many to cite on this hypocrisy of freedom.
So, please keep your freedom of expression with you.
The Prophets, the great women (may Allah swt be please with them all) deserve to be honoured.

Now, having said that all, I would like to add one thing more, the way people get boiled over the honour of such great personalities should also learn that they were great because they had a mission, a vision, they were the chosen ones, they have sacrificed their lives for justice and peace, for Islam – (the mukammal deen e hayaat), and for giving and presenting Islam to those who know but have some diluted versions in their beliefs and practises and to those who know not that – their and our God is One God alone and He has no partners.
So, if next time you hear an Akhlaq, a Junaid being lynched, or someone being oppressed irrespective of their religion, get boiled over, as one of the teachings our role models taught us is nor oppress neither get oppressed and stand for justice even if it be against your own selves.

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