The devastating floods

News –
“Four million people have been impacted by flooding in northeastern Bangladesh, according to Dr. Enamur Rahman, the country’s State Minister for the Ministry of Disaster Management.”

SubhanAllah! Four million!!!!

The images coming from the areas are horrifying and highly disturbing.

Flood is a natural disaster but this natural disaster can be tackled by the productive tactics and preventing measures to a great extent! But Capitalism has given rise to climate change with their selfish, capital oriented benefits, such climate change has given rise to floods and even drought across the globe. With very little or no welfare of the people in mind, the system works for temporary solutions like giving aids, giving some cash or may be building few homes under some schemes, to showcase in next elections but what they fail is to tackle the situation and have some preventive measures to mitigate the floods.

Reservoirs, dams, diversion canals are some of the known solutions to mitigate flooding but even they don’t exist in quality and quantity as they ought to.

According to the European Environment Agency, “Annual flood losses can be expected to increase fivefold by 2050 and up to 17fold by 2080.”
This analysis is not only confined to Europe but it is something the entire world should know that we are on the verge of increase floods and we need to realize the problem and causes of climate change but the interesting part is that whenever the talk of climate change happens, people confine it to individual efforts, yes we should do our part as individuals but we need to understand that consumerism has constructed such markets that it effects the environment and has created such an atmosphere that people are not able to differentiate between needs and the desires. They are compelled to buy more through advertisements and peer pressures and the factories keep spinning their wheels for more and more. And when politicians do carry concerned conferences on this pressing issue of climate, they go with their private jets which has high carbon emissions, it is reported that 118 Private Jets Take Leaders To COP26 Climate Summit Burning Over 1,000 Tons Of CO2.

This is how these capitalists tackle the deep concerns, may be they are really not concerned as they believe they might move to moon when things will become all exploited all for the definition of their greater good!

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