I am the moon

Sharing a short poem from my booklet – Sorrow to Serenity.

I am the moon and I undergo many phases.

“I am the reflected light

Brighter appears my shine when it is all dark in the sky.

The eyes are hooked to the elegance,

I am admired as an epitome of beauty, often compared with the beloveds in the couplets, and writings, knowing the fact I too have a massive crater, A SCAR, you may decode in simple language.

Yes, I too have to undergo many phases to cite a few from New moon to Full moon, Waning Gibbous to Waxing Crescent.

But the beautiful part is that despite of all my phases, I am addressed as a moon, the epitome of dazzling beauty, serenity and delight!

Other than my phases,

I also undergo Eclipse, Blood Moon is something you have recently witnessed, it is weird to see how many superstitions are attached to me related to it.

Well! The all in all point to note is that I have no light of mine,

Then too I shine bright,

I have massive crater but then too I am considered as an epitome of beauty in splendour.

I also undergo different phases but then too I carry grandeur.

I even suffer the Eclipse but for a short time, AND I again shine.

I am the reflected light, and the messages I symbolize are efficacious enough to imbibe.”

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