The controversy upon Mr ErdogenĀ 

For me the matter of concern is not that Mr. Erdogen is arriving to Jamia university and will be honoured!
What is interesting are the various responses on it. 
Some so called human right’s flag bearers, liberals, communist were protesting against him and has initiated the signature campaign as well, whereas some are desperately waiting for him with open arms, some consider him dictator, others as Islamist and some as the revivalist, a Sultan!
First of all, we should always keep in mind that we should not fall into the trap that if our opponents like the left or right wings or whoever they are, if they are against someone and protesting then that doesn’t mean that to shut them up we take the other side. Having said that, let me be clear that doesn’t mean to liase with left and right and land up to comprise. 
Nay! Never it should be the stance. 
In fact, interestingly left wing always leave their hypocrisy when they raise their voice against a particular matter that too of their side and concern and this further highlights where their loyalty belongs and we should keep highlighting their loopholes from time to time because in this age it is easy to woo and allure people from mere rhetorics easily!
Now, to the point that Erdogen is Sultan! 

Well! Other muslim rulers also pray, give zakat, offer umrah and allow hijaab and build masjid, build good infrastructure and etc and let’s accept Erdogen is a bit more vocal about some Islam but he is not working for implementing it as a whole. And when I am saying it whole it means as a complete sociopolitical system. Hope,  you will not say “that give him some benefit of doubt and may be the forces are against him or it is easy to write on fb from the comforts of home but you never know may be he is under some external political pressure.”
Please try to imagine, the power he is holding, the resources he has been blessed with, and the most important point –  If on his mere rhetorics and some concern and some jazbah for Islam, the ummah, the people of Turkey in general and outside of Turkey are so big fan of him and are ready to die for him then imagine the support he will get, if he establish holistic Islam, we know the world is collapsing with capitalism and the world needs an alternative system, why not give the world an example to witness? 
His role in embracing some refugees is appreciated but his no productive role in Syria as a whole and especially when Aleppo which is some few miles away from Turkey was dying and burning into flames cannot be ignored at all. 

Isn’t it strange that one is ready to extinguish  the fire of  Israel but not of Aleppo? 
Those who think gradualism through democracy is the way to implement Islam then recent uprising in Egypt, Mr. Morsi (May Allah swt bless him and forgive his shortcomings) is a good example to reflect upon. You cannot go for gradualism, democracy to implement Deen and recent uprisings and lessons have taught us that in detail. 
Unfortunately! Ours is the situation that we have bunch of Muslim rulers who are good for nothing, all are worse and 

Mr. Erdogen can be considered as the best among all those worse muslim rulers as of now, because of his rhetorics and some help for the refugees. 
Helping some refugees is good but the Islamic leadership is that which  makes one to work and implement the vision  where no one is made a refugee at the first place. 
Turkey is very powerful!

People love Erdogen because of his rhetorics and some Islamic sentiments. 

You remember how Turkey has destroyed the jet fighter plane of Russia recently when it was meant for Syria but accidently entered in Turkey’s area? 
So why not for Syria, Turkey has played the role like this? 

Are they not one ummah? 

Just because they are divided by man made nationalist boundaries so are considered as others? 

We know well the ties of Turkey and Russia and Russia’s role in Syria and it speaks volumes, under the pretext of fighting so called terrorists, all were bombing innocents and civilians, and the ones who were fighting against the oppressive Bashar Al Asad’s regime. 

As far as fighting ISIS is concerned which was made a potential threat to be tackled with bombs, missiles and what not, what we as rational ones need to ask them and the world is that –  Because of whose oppression isis came into existence and becomes so brutal? Whose foreign and oppressive interventions made them such extremists? 

I am not a supporter of isis but neither I support the narratives of those because of whose oppression they came into being. 
Well! Coming back to the point. 

Whether Erdogen is rewarded an honorable degree in Jamia or not is not the issue of concern but the reactions we carry forward because of some blurred perspectives is the issue to be handled and corrected. 
Having said that all,  I respect the spirit of people who are supporting Erdogen because it only shows their love towards Islam but the saddening part is that we have become so emotional and reactive that even the one who is almost just like the same feather of the rest of flock of Muslim rulers is being looked upto as an Islamic one. 
I know I have written a post, to which many in my friend’s  list will disagree with. 
May Allah swt make things easy for us. 

May Allah swt bless us and guide these rulers to absolute  haqq. 

May Allah swt bless us with true Islamic leadership. 

May Allah swt forgive us all for our shortcomings. 


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