A nation obsessed with cows

“The unique ID will contain details of the cattle’s age, breed, sex, height, body colour, horn type, tail switch and special marks, according to the panel set up by the home ministry. In the case of milch cattle, it will also have the lactation profile. This ID will take the form of a polyurethane tag.”
The government will have to spend around Rs 148 crore to issue these Aadhar cards for cows.
“India is by far the country with the largest number of people living under the international $1.90-a-day poverty line, more than 2.5 times as many as the 86 million in Nigeria, which has the second-largest population of the poor worldwide,” the report said.
But yeah! What else can we expect from the cow obsessed people?  They will not focus on poverty, poor hard working farmers who had to protest all sorts of odd and weird things from putting rats in mouth to being naked just to grab the attention of government to waive off their loans. Imagine! Innocents are getting lynched to death on rumours related to cows.
– Cows enjoys better position under the system described as “for the people”
I believe the day is not far in India where people,  especially women against whom the crime is so high with almost  no accountability will start envying cows. 

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