The breaking news was not unusual – Islam, MuslimsĀ 

The moment I tuned into the news channel, the breaking news was not unusual – Islam, Muslims. 
Well! Those who are not aware for them the news in nutshell (as reported by the media) is that a tenth class student from Assam, from as many as 46 clerics (whom the news reporter says as  mullahs) has issued  fatwa against her upcoming programme on 25th March which is near some graveyard and masjid. And the maulanas are quoted saying that through this they are protecting the shariah. 

Well! Who is right and who is not, that’s not what I am going to discuss here. 

What I want to say is that the aggression and angst, media is showing and portraying that it values the little girl sentiments is remarkable, the moment I was noticing it, it happened that by chance the button on my T. V remote got pressed and the news channel got tuned over to another channel where Yogi Adityanath,  Member of Parliament, yes the hatred monger, who said that dead Muslim women should be digged out from graves and should be raped, was telling the reporter that now the government is in right hand and the corruption will end!!!
The moment I tried to grasp what is online news is saying about that young girl,  then I noticed that below somewhere is also a side news that a young girl today got killed because of the tussle between militants and army in Kashmir. 
Just connect the dots, no hue and cry upon this, no hue and cry when Yogi Adityanath gave such a hate speech in public, no hue and cry over the spilling of blood today of a young girl in Kashmir,  whom they say is an incredible part of India? Really is it? 

No such aggression when Najeeb’s maa was roaming wailing from one corner to another for him, no such hue and cry when Akhlaq’s daughter and wife were moarning,  no such thing over Rohith Vemula’s death, no such aggression on the recent dalit suicide death in JNU. 

No.  Nothing!

The emotions only get stirred when Islam can be brought somehow in the bad light,  this gives them good TRP (Target Rating Point). 

And believe me this and worse is what we expect from them but the post is intended to highlight their level of grotesque which obviously cannot be jotted down in few lines. 
Having said that,  if it is to be believed what maulanas said about protecting the shariah then it is saddening that for them shariah has been reduced to only such levels and that too the don’t part,  why not talk and educate the whole shariah as it ought to be, which is now made synonymous to all negative terms these days? Why maulanas distort it and concentrate only on a don’t part,  why not do’s part is discussed and highlighted? Why not tell the society how shariah can solve their issues? 
May Allah swt guide us all and help us to be safe from the plots of evil deceivers through their mass medium. 

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