Some important points related to CAB

As we were returning from masjid yesterday, all of a sudden our father asked us to speak something on some local tv channel called swaraj which was present there (just outside the masjid) for bytes on Citizenship Amendment Bill. First we thought not to speak as have never heard such a tv channel before and we thought what impact it will have forth?
But then it was our papa’s command to do so, so we had to, plus the other thought came that one should never belittle the mediums, you never know when and where and to whom it will reach and ignite by His will.

Let me share some main points which needs to be shared as I don’t know exactly when they will broadcast and how much they will edit on it.

My sister raised important points –

“As you know here occurred many floods, disasters, and riots, where people have to run for their lives, at that point you cannot expect them to pick their documents and run then?
Many are without documents, some are even unaware about it, our domestic helpers didnot know when we told them that such a thing is happening.
And what else do you expect fron poor people?
They strive so hard to meet their both ends meet, now they have to prove they are eligible for citizenship?

Obviously the fear is also there among Muslims, but not only fear the anger is far greater than fear at these atrocious and discriminatory bills!

She further added that article 370, babri masjid verdict, and now such bills they are all because of Islamophobic environment which is created to divert from the main issues of economic crisis, GDP, increased poverty, rapes, sexual harassments, unemployment!
She ended on the note that –
Remember Falsehood is bound to perish!

To me, the anchor asked what do you think that Amit Shah is right when he said that only Asaduddeen Owaisi is afraid as he tore the bill and not any other Indian muslim?

I said – “Amit Shah is no one to tell who is afraid who is not! In fact Amit Shah is the one who is most afraid as his government is the one which has blocked internet in Kashmir upon article 370, in Assam right now because he and his government are afraid to hear the voices of dissent!”

Further, I tried to convey the message that we are living in an Islamophobic world, and it is not the first time we are dealing with it, our Prophet sallallahu alaihi wassallam and the companions dealt with it in Makkan period, and we need to learn from them that they never diluted haqq and baatil and they stood steadfast, because if you dilute even a bit of baatil in haqq, it won’t be haqq then to confront and fight the baatil as it ought to.
We need to learn from the best example to follow (sallallahu alaihi wassallam).

And other point – when people cannot tackle the intellectual level of deen, they attack it by other means and by painting it as potential threat to others which needs to be eliminated, so today we are painted as potential threats here and everywhere.

The anchor asked – how do you feel when such bills are passed?

“We take all the injustice as a trial as we know Allah swt said in Surah baqrah – Do you think you will say – you believe and you will not be tested, you will surely be tested with fear, loss of wealth, fruits and lives but glad tidings for the patient ones.

AND we need to understand patience in proper context!

Hasbunallahu Wa’nimal Wakeel.

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