Let’s tackle this hard time this way inshaAllah

My maid daily enquires me on priority basis what’s going on and is there any chance of taking back of this discriminatory act.

Daily, I assure her that people are striving inshaAllah soon there will be relief, keep making duas.

Today, as usual, after enquiring again, she asked in melancholic tone.
“Maryam as you know, I live alone, raising my four daughters with such hard work from dawn to dusk,
I have my documents BUT I don’t have full documents of my ancestors what will happen now?”

I comforted her not to worry.
But when she left, I was just thinking about her and innumerable like her.

So, I have decided, tomorrow when she will come again inshaAllah
I will tell her, we are striving hard, let’s see what will happen BUT don’t worry, believe me if you are going to detention center, you won’t be alone, I will be there with you.

AND I’m not alone, if I’m going there, then there will be many who will join, and they, who will join, have many who will join them.
Kitne detention center bharengey ye log hum bhi dekhengey, kal jinhe protests se detain kia unhe to stadiums, schools aur alag alag jagah bhejdiya tha, they clearly don’t have that much space to fill the detention centers.

Aur agar maarengey hame jaan se, then we will remember the beautiful hadees.

Sa’id ibn Zayd reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said – “Whoever is killed protecting his property is a martyr. Whoever is killed protecting his religion is a martyr. Whoever is killed protecting his life is a martyr. Whoever is killed protecting his family is a martyr.”

So, we will die then an honorable death inshaAllah.

Tomorrow, inshaAllah I will tell her all this.

1 thought on “Let’s tackle this hard time this way inshaAllah”

  1. Reality is that -yeh act ab wapis nahi hoga yeh humme jo smjh rakhte bakhubi jante hai

    Uske baad bhi is protest se yeh ek fayd hua hi ke abhi taq muslim jo babri masjid ya triple tallaq pr khamosh the woh ab kahi na kahi bedaar hue hai

    Rahi baat Supreme Court se ummid rakhne ki to mai apko guaranty deta hou woh bhi kuch nahi karega or yeh act implement hoga lekin is protest ka ek fayda or hoga jab yeh Nrc ka bill laynge to us time isse kahi zyada protest honge us time inko na chahkr bhi Nrc bill mai flexibility dikhani padegi

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