Pulwama attack

The hashtags as usual –
– Terrorism has a religion.
– Terrorism has no religion.

What is religion?

By definition –

It is the particular system of faith and worship.
A pursuit or interest followed with great devotion.

As per this definition there is one more religion add to the list, apart from what we generally know about in mainstream.

Capitalism – Yes, a worship and devotion sincere to money and pursuit of selfish benefits.

Yes, terrorism has a religion in that context!

Kashmir is a place with which the three different nuclear states are obsessed –
Pakistan, India, China.

Kashmir is a home to natural resources like hydrocarbons and minerals, vital strategic geopolitical position of it makes it a craving for all the three states.

The resultant – it is a conflict zone.

When the zone is in conflict, and there seems no settlement and justice, then obviously people have different narratives, some side by one side, another by another side and some stay being away from any sides and wants to be independent, and some have no say in anything.

The conflict zone, obviously is the zone where people who have suffered or have seen much suffering are easy to get carried away for the vengeance.

Inside the conflict zone, the atrocious crimes are so high on civilians most of the times that they find themselves compelled to take the arms in hand without even thinking about the repurcussions and who will benefit from it in long run.

Those who think that these acts are done because of paradise’s 72 virgins, then they are highly mistaken!

The radicalisation is not done showing them the paradise, the radicalisation starts straight away when alienation starts, when oppression creeps in and breeds, when system is seen as nothing but downtrodden and doing injustice, these are the things which makes one radicalise.

So, next time if someone says – this should be stopped, the radicalisation should be stopped, then see from where it is creeping in actually.

Meanwhile, as expected the blame games on each other by the political parties by opposition and in ruling has begun, showing the ruling one as a failure and the ruling one proving its agenda that it is the only one which can fight the terrorists and thus painting the entire community as a potential threat which will serve the upcoming elections no doubt in it !

See, if you really want to work for peace then please look for the piece which is missing in the link.

The common people be there, here or anywhere always want peace, because they are the only ones who suffer in state politics, and it is the dirty politics, the selfish benefits which brings to the common people’s mind what they want to avoid, this in return keeps their corrupt political wheel spinning and this is true for all parties be it in position or not.

Labelling the entire community as terrorists, expecting them to have a condemnation always for acts like this, starting witch-hunting of Kashmiri students studying here will only make things worse and won’t add to some beneficial movement but it will befit and will help those who always want to play the cards of religion that too of Islam as a potential threat and Muslims as nothing but terrorists!

I believe whether one is Pakistani or Indian, it is the common on each side who are suffering much from these blurred lines of what is right and what not, and in the middle of this all, the Kashmiris are the ones who are paying the heavy price, sometimes by suffering beyond horrors and seeing much blood and sometimes by being misused as the tool to serve the higher selfish benefits through this.

Terrorism has a religion and it is capitalism, where the scores of people are tortured and killed as collateral damage and are misused as a tool for the selfish benefits to achieve.

If you want to solve an issue, go for the root. See, what makes them do so and who is benefitting from it not only apparently but behind the lines as well.

And in case after reading this all the thought strike in your mind that I am defending something then I must add that you have read everything I have written with a pre conceived lens.

Hasbunallahu wa’nimal Wakeel!

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