Gift yourself tranquillity

*Sorrow to Serenity, gift yourself tranquillity* – is my latest book about which some lettered people have insisted me to have it as a free download for sometime so that innumerable others can harvest the benefit from it inshaAllah.

Here is the short description about the book –

We live in a time where the pressures are high, expectations are huge and we are bound to live by the definitions and standards set by the society.
All this often makes one to be low in spirits, if left unchecked it may trigger the different levels of depression and grief.

Though hundreds of books, journals and self-help books have already been written across the lines, but when it comes to practical life, still by and large people suffer from sadness, grief, sorrow, depression and found themselves all alone in the middle of the crowd with no tangible help found.

This book addresses the issues that people generally deal with.
It relates well with the sorrows and help them to move forward to serenity.

In short – this book is the gift of tranquillity, so gift it to yourself, your dear ones.

You can download this book absolutely free and ask your friends and family for the same as you don’t know who might need those words which may soothe the distressed soul.

P.S – Please try to leave a review of whatever you felt about the book in the comment section there, as the reviews will help other inquisitive readers to have the grasp.

I will get your reviews printed in my paper back book as testimonials.

Starting from today, the free book download scheme will end on 14 – 2- 2019, 11.59 p.m PST.

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