Protests and the traffic Jams

Those who are so concerned about traffic jams because of ongoing protests and taking the long way to come to work and home, have you EVER thought about the cause of all this?
Ever thought about the inconvenience the people who are sitting on roads, in open, in cold, freezing winters which has never been such in last 118 years are enduring?

Have you ever thought about those women who are sitting in open with their small kids, and who have no shauq to be on roads, many of them are first time protestors but sitting on roads just because they have no other options left?

Koi shauq nahi inko baahar kadakti thand mein baithne ka,
Majboor hogayi hai ye bhi zulm ki intehai par!

But what to expect from people who have no heart to feel?
They will only complain.

They should feel grateful instead that even people are still peaceful in their approaches despite it being a threat on their existential rights.

But to expect good from cold hearted people is another bewaqoofi indeed.

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