Not a national threat now

News – Afzal had named the deputy superintendent of police in Jammu and Kashmir, Davinder Singh, stating that he had tortured him and his family for months before sending him with other terrorists to attack the parliament. Now after 18 years, the case has essentially reopened as Davindra Singh was arrested on Sunday after being caught red-handed

Sources revealed that 5 grenades and three AK-47 rifles were recovered from Davindra Singh’s residence.

Comment – So, now the nation doesn’t want to know about the national threat just because he has no Muslim name to carry?

Obviously! Davindra singh cannot be alone in all this, So who is backing the people like Davindra Singh?

What was the plan ahead?

We all know 26 January is on the verge, so was there a plan to plant some sort of attack with AK 47 and grenades upon innocent people and shifting the blame on some Muslim name bearer then, and hijacking the whole Nation wide protests against the NRC/CAA?

Why these questions are not running on mainstream media who just scream everytime their lungs out day in and day out?

Oh Sorry! Obviously, we cannot expect the employees to go against the employer who will not permit them to have a session on it.


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