On point post by Yameena Hasan

I have absolutely no doubt about the fact that the biggest cowards ever in the history of mankind are hindutva thugs. They openly call for and participate in the genocide of Muslims in India, where the whole system (police+government +media) is by their side. They know here they can do whatever they want, and there is no one to hold them accountable. They believe everything that is wrong in this world is because of Muslims, so even when they leave their country which has a population of about 80% Hindus for a Muslim country in search for a better life ( see the irony), they can not leave the hatred and islamophobia that is deeply ingrained in them and call for genocide of Muslims in their native land living in a Muslim country! When some prominent personalities of the countries where they are residing threaten them with dire consequences like sending them back to where they belong for their blatant islamophobia, they start crying like a baby, couldn’t stop apologising and even threaten to commit suicide if any action is taken against of for their hate and bigotry.
Since they have never seen anything like getting punished for lynchings or calling for a genocide of Muslims in their country, these cowards are not aware of what justice looks like ! They get threatened by some tweets and warnings!!

P.S: This also highlights the importance of a real leadership, just few tweets and the Islamophobia from hindutva thugs residing in gulf countries has come to halt, the Prime Minister of our country who till now was mute on rumours of Muslims spreading COVID-19 has tweeted that a pandemic sees no religion ! If we get a true leader, the condition of Muslims not just in India but all over the world will change overnight.

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