For all my dear sisters

This is for all my dear sisters.

Dear sisters,
This Ramadan, must be a very different one for you, especially the ones who always had the facility of domestic helpers.
From washing all the dishes to doing all the brooming, mopping, cooking and washing linens, the list is really long, especially if you have small kids, this all has made this Ramadan for you to walk on a rugged path.

I am writing this for you all, don’t stress that your over involvement in so much work is landing you in exhausted state and you are unable to do nafil ibadah because of it.
Your doing household chores for the sake of Allah swt, for the love of your family and their health concerns, your giving paid leaves to the domestic helpers (maids) for their safety, your tongue, all moist in zikr (remembering Allah swt) while doing brooming, mopping, washing linens and dishes are all ibadah inshaAllah.

Yes, you are exhausted!
I know well, as I know you never did so much work, as mashaAllah many of you are blessed with spouses who always kept domestic helpers not only for dishes and brooming and mopping but also for help in cooking, and now the entire load is upon your feeble shoulders and that too under the month of Ramadan, when you used to concentrate much on nawafil ibadah as well. But believe me, everything you are doing thinking of earning ajr, the pleasure of Allah swt is all ibadah, inshaAllah.

So, don’t stress yourself that you are not doing much, you already are doing a lot, may Allah swt accept it all from you and from us. Ameen.

P. S – Thought of writing it all, as I was getting the same concern again and again, may it benefit others inshaAllah.

The one thing I really want from you, despite your being super busy, is to establish the beautiful bond with Holy Quran.
Trust me, He swt is
Al Wali, The Protective Friend and there is nothing better than being in love with His words, His kalaam, His Quran.

Establish that relationship in this blessed month of Ramadan.

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