Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.
Allah Al-Khaaliq’s beautiful takhleeq – aurora borealis.

While witnessing such splendid beauty, we were making dua that may we witness our Rabb – Allah Dhul Jalaali Wal Ikram with such an ease as we have witnessed aurora borealis.

Ameen ya Al-Mujeeb.


MashaAllah! Would like to share the beautiful reflection by our elder son on Aurora borealis, he has written –

How to make your everyday as dazzling as these Northern lights?

As we observe these Northern lights (Aurora Borealis), we must link this to what is our purpose in life.

If you can connect it to our purpose of life, the 1 hour for which we observe these northern lights, whole of it would count as ‘ibaadah, as an act of worship, and you would get Thuwaab (reward) for it for the whole one hour you observe it for!

But if you don’t, then observing these Northern lights is just like a defective car. A car which is made out of gold, Ferrari company, leather seats, but just doesn’t do one thing, it doesn’t move. We would say that such a car is defective and useless, since it doesn’t fulfill its purpose in spite of all the glittering things it has. Similarly, even observing these Northern lights would be a defective action, if it doesn’t fit within what our purpose of life it.

This is what makes us different and unique from other people. Most people are shallow thinkers. But if we, as Muslims, can connect this to our true purpose of life, then we would become enlightened thinkers insha Allah.

One way these lights connect to our purpose of life is if you think about the Science behind these. The electrons (part of atoms) which are coming from the sun, they collide with the electrons of Oxygens and make them ‘jump.’ When these Oxygen electrons go down in their ‘jump,’ they emit light of the colours pink and green, and this is what makes us see these Northern lights. [Note: This was an oversimplified explanation for the sake of brevity, and for the sake of making people from a non science background understand it.]
Now imagine if the electrons coming from the sun had free will, and they suddenly decided, “let me not make the Oxygen electrons jump and emit light, as Oxygen is boring.” If that were to happen, you would never be able to see this spectacular phenomenon happen.
But that doesn’t happen, since the electrons coming from the Sun always follow the laws of Allah and make the electrons of Oxygen ‘jump’ to emit this light. Viewing this dazzling phenomenon is possible only and only if the electrons follow this law of Allah (laws of physics). Therefore, if we have to make our lives as dazzling as this sight, as spectacular as these Northern lights, then you also have to follow the laws set by Allah Ta’aala, just like the electrons responsible for this phenomenon followed the laws set for it by Allah.
Therefore, if you think about it this way, then gazing at this spectacular phenomenon would make you obey Allah Ta’aala even more, and hence this phenomenon would have meaning as it is now supporting your purpose of life!

Last point: If we have to make our societies in the Muslim lands just, peaceful and fair again, then we have to work to peacefully establish the laws of Allah again on a socio-politico-economic level there. When this happens, even they would become as dazzling, in fact even more dazzling, than these Northern lights.

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