Nakba – The Catastrophe

Nakba – The Catastrophe which happened in 15th May 1948 was the forceful expulsion of the tens and thousands muslims of Palestine from their own homeland.

Nakba didn’t only happen in the past, it is an ongoing catastrophe.

We really need to analyse how Nakba happened in the past?
And how it is still ongoing in the present?

What were the factors then,
And what are the factors now?

We need to understand that The Balfour Declaration of 1917, by Arthur Balfour forcefully giving the land of one party (muslims) to another (Jews) which became the cause of the catastrophe Nakba in 1948 was not due to any humanitarian rights of persecuted Jews as many assumed, it was actually settling the colonial powers in the heart of muslim lands, surrounded by muslim lands with key geopolitical positions like Suez Canal of Egypt which even today controls the 12 percent of total global sea trade, also it was in much interest of the Britain to have power on Suez Canal due to its route to India by using Zionism as a tool.

Food for thought – Had the Balfour Declaration been a humanitarian right for the persecuted Jews then we must know as a matter of fact that the same Arthur Balfour had previously passed the Alien Act which prevented Jewish refugees fleeing persecution in eastern Europe gaining asylum in the UK. Yes! Read it again, the same Arthur Balfour had previously passed an Alien Act which prevented Jewish refugees fleeing persecution in eastern Europe gaining asylum in the UK.

It is a well known fact that the persecuted Jews were well protected under Ottomans, and it was Britain which prevented persecuted Jews to enter into the UK.

Along with Balfour Declaration with regards to Nakba, it is important to understand the Sykes-Picot agreement. Middle East, which we see today was divided according to the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916. The artificial man made boundaries were drawn, the repercussions of which we can see clearly today in the form of nationalism.
Egypt not letting the occupied Palestinians into its so called boundary, no muslim country coming to liberate the Palestine, as its not in their “national interest” to do so. “Saudi” Arab to UAE many were/are involved in two state solutions, and normalisation of ties with Israel are few examples to cite of nationalism.

We need to understand, structural/systematic problems require structural/systematic solutions. The root cause of such a catastrophe is that the protective structure of deen was officially abolished hundred years ago, and since then there is no one to protect, and to shield.

It is high time, that we read Nakba in the context of Balfour Declaration, Sykes-Picot agreement, and realise that the Nakba never stopped, it has got even worse, and there are so many muslims around the world who are also experiencing catastrophe like Nakba or are on the verge of experiencing it.
It is high time, that we read seerah of the beloved Prophet ﷺ that how he ﷺ brought the mankind from zulumaat to Noor, how he ﷺ taught us about the deen, how he ﷺ taught us about asabiyyah (nationalism, tribalism).
May Allah – Al- Ma’ani – The Shielder shield us with His shield.

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