Nationalism Antinationalism and the concept of freedom


This is an article which I have written a year ago. 
Nationalism, Antinationalism and the concept of Freedom in India – The world’s largest Democracy!  
Nationalism is simply defined as a feeling that people have of being loyal to and proud of their country often with the belief that it is better and more important than other countries primarily because they are born into it.
To love and work for the development of any place a virtue, but to think that a particular place is better and more important at any cost, confined to man made boundaries is perilous as it makes one blind enough to recognise the other beings as beings and their sufferings as sufferings, their oppression as oppression and all in all, it only reduce humans to cold blooded beings deprived of empathy.
India- Is the world’s largest democracy.

Interestingly, the one who drafted the constitution of this democracy, B.R Ambedkar was himself against nationalism. 
But today, we see how that if someone is living in India and is feeling the pain of the oppressed across the shadow lines, imaginary man made boundaries then he is labelled as antinational.The one who raise his voice against the oppression within the country by the state like the state engineered riots to polarise vote banks of a particular community, or the voice raised against the increase farmer’s suicide, depressions, increase in rapes, and intolerance of other beings based on the difference of faith and caste, all such voice are considered as anti national.
The situation is that now even the journalists and reporters easily distribute the certificates of anti nationalism to innocents just because they don’t utter slogans like vande mataram(O’ mother land I worship you), or bharat mata ki jai(which hails the goddess India), the anti national certificate is easily distributed. 
Feel the pain of the oppressed across the borders and one will be awarded with the certificate of anti nationalism.
The question one needs to ask these so called nationalists is that will you label B.RAmbedkar as antinational too?
All this only highlights the hypocrisy of the man made system-Democracy and the nucleus of the capitalist system which is based on individualism and selfish self benefits only. At one side people are not allowed to eat beef as it contradicts to the hindu faith and at other side India itself is one of the largest beef exporter.
At one side, people mock and insult the honour of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) and when we protest then we are silenced in the name of freedom of speech and expression and intolerant people as not allowing the criticism of our Prophet (peace be upon him) and yet at the same side the ones who are not raising the slogans of bharat mata ki jai(hail Goddess India) are considered as antinational, the so called gurus and leaders deliver hate speeches and openly incite hatred under the banner of so called freedom of expression and on other side the innocent students studying in madrasa(traditional Islamic school, devoid of any political education) are censured. 
India- A democratic country, where a young man, Mohsin from Pune is targeted and killed just because he was suspected to have written something against the Prime Minister on facebook, which later turned out to be as a false accusation.

India- A democratic country, where women are free to expose themselves and do item numbers but if they cover themselves then they face constant pressure of whys.
India-A democratic country where innocents like Mohd. Akhlaq are lynched to death just because he was suspected to have beef in his refrigerator, which later turned out to be false accusation.

India- A democratic country where people by and large suffers from depression, mainly because of unemployment and farmers commit suicides because of debts.
India-A democratic country where the people mourn on one gang rape case because it was picked up by the media but they won’t bat an eye lid on the rapes carried out by their own army men.

India- A democratic country where rich are getting richer and are easily get away from the scam recent being the Panama papers and are even awarded with Global Indian of the year award- for instance Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.
India- A democratic country which is proud of its being the world largest democracy has actually proved that the democracy and the concept it carries like freedom of expression is nothing but a big hypocrisy.
Allah swt says in Holy Quran- Inna ma’al usri yusra-With Hardships comes ease (94.5) .
And though, we are suffering from hardships but with hardships there is relief, the youth is understanding that their honour lies in Islam only and they are returning back to it, with determination that they will make India and not only India but the world a better place to live.


2 thoughts on “Nationalism Antinationalism and the concept of freedom”

  1. The biggest problem is Muslims ummah have bounded in the toghooti thought. Sometimes my cousins and colleagues argue with me on the thought of freedom and then start commenting personally like tu bada maulana bana phirta hai, bas tu hi musalman hai, tu kaun hai kisi ko judge krne wala and all

  2. The concept of nationalism has always been taken in a negative perspective by the majority of the people. It’s being used as a tool to garner the vested social, economical and political interests especially by the capitalists and politicians. In this case, capitalists are the passive elements while the politicians act actively for grabbing the lion’s share by hook or by crook. They succeed in their heinous objectives by instigating the religious emotions and sentiments of masses.

    The writer of the current article is worthy to be appreciated as she has covered almost all the concerning issues very effectively in a concise manner. Ma Sha Allah

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