Media – The Magician of today’s left and right wing Pharoahs

It is said that media reflects social reality, but it should also be known that media is the powerful tool to mould a particular narrative and mindset as the way of looking forward!

As per established facts, it is well known Adolf Hitler also personally financed, ordered and censored films and newsreels. After rising to power in 1933, Hitler even created the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda (RMVP), headed by Joseph Goebbels. Nearly all aspects of German culture were subject to the Propaganda Ministry’s control, including films, theater, music, the press, and radio broadcasts. Goebbels indoctrinated the German people in Nazi ideology and to influence the behaviour of the entire society.

There are films which are used to fuel the propaganda of left (who spread their liberal ideologies reducing one to submit to his vain desires as religiously as one submits to God), and through right wing (who spread venom in a way which acts as genocide accelerators).

Two recent films, one Joyland from Pakistan, and another film The Kashmir Files from India, are the recent examples to cite in this context of left and right wing liberal ideologies.

Let’s first talk about Joyland.
Pakistani film Joyland, written and directed by Saim Sadiq, won the Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard section of the 75th Cannes Film Festival on Friday. It also has won the “Queer Palm prize for best LGBTQ.”

Salman Sufi, an adviser to Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, told that a high-level committee was set up to review the ban on the Joyland, and the ban has now been removed.

We need to note that the ban on the movie highlights there is khair (goodness) in the masses who don’t want such infiltration of the filth.

There is no doubt! One should stand for the rights of the intersex (born with issues of organs and there is a cure for it, they can go for the corrective surgeries), but “LGBTQ2SIA+” is a different matter altogether. They are just fanning their filthy desires which are institutionally indoctrinated into them in the name of liberal values to go for what they want to, irrespective of what is into their DNA, they are made confused beings to such an extent that they can’t even answer the basic question like – “What is a Woman?”

Imagine! A HIGH LEVEL COMMITTEE was set up for this movie, see the priorities of the nation which recently suffered a devastating flood, and is still suffering the repercussions of it!

But yes, we can expect this from a nation which is not ruling as per Allah’s command and are the zaalimoon (oppressors), as Allah says in Surah Maidah Ayah 45 “And whosoever does not judge by that which Allâh has revealed, such are the Zâlimûn.”

A lot can be deduced by the fact that the film’s executive producer is Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, the same very person who spoke against the institution of marriage in her recent interview in Vogue, and has promoted the live in relationships which are nothing but further exploitation of women and unborn babies, as in the name of freedom, and no accountability in live ins, men can easily walk away leaving women alone in the highly individualistic society with the abortion as the way forward for the lives in the womb!
(Note – Malala herself married after that interview even though she promoted the live ins). Height of hypocrisy!

SubhanAllah! I happened to come across a clip from Saim Siddiqui’s interview in which he said that he can see the reflection of his family and whole Pakistan’s family like abbu, sister, brothers in it!

Well! I assume that perhaps writer/director Saim’s childhood had been a traumatic one to have such a reflection of the family, but to label the whole community also as the reflection of his hyper sexualised, lustful film – would be a slander, a defamation and a serious offence for any person with even little self esteem.

It is reported that in the movie – the male protagonist (Haider) is shown to have an affair outside marriage that too with a trans woman (who is biologically a male), the wheel chair bound father slept with the care taker, and the wife of Haider fulfilled her desires by sleeping with Haider’s brother (Kaleem) as Haider was an impotent.

How come it reflects the picture of every household in the community?
This is nothing but making Ilah/Rabb (God) their own vain, filthy desires and this is fair seeming in their eyes.

Reminds me of this ayah –
“Have you seen the one who takes as his God his own desire?…”
Holy Quran 25.43

This is liberalism, in the name of Art and Freedom they are indoctrinating people’s mind to make their whims and desires their God, to whom they will submit as – “we hear, we obey!”

Needless to mention, they have passed the transgender bill as well, but what they can achieve through media is beyond!

A nation which was already doing a big oppression, as it was not ruling by Allah’s law in their politics, economics, judiciary and education system, has now even opened the few guarding gates which were present in the values of the family system, in the name of Freedom of Art and Expression!

Innalillahi wa inna ilahi raji’oon.

Coming to the another film “Kashmir Files” which was the recent film in India is the example of right wing propaganda.
“Kashmir Files” directed by Vivek Agnihotri is widely presented as a facts based movie, but anyone who is not victimised by the shackles of the manufacturing consent and controlling information’s agenda, will realise that it is a propaganda movie presented as a facts based movie to manufacture the consent of having an open genocide of muslims who are already a persecuted minority in India.

Even one of the main protagonist of movie Darshan Kumar on playing Krishna Pandit admitted he almost slipped into depression.

We can imagine what impact this movie would be creating on the audience/masses when each and every frame of it is highly Islamophobic and creating an atmosphere of hate, when the actor himself said that he almost slipped into depression and took the help through meditation to come out of it!

Movies like “Parzania” based on Gujarat 2002, and documentaries like “Ram Ke Naam” by Anand Patwardhan based on Babri Ayodha issue were banned, but movies like “Kashmir Files” were promoted by the system itself in the name of “freedom of expression”, and the cops were given half day leave to watch it with their families.

The movie “Kashmir Files” does not talk about the Kashmiris suffering the atrocities by the state about which the 43-page report by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), released on July 8, 2019, has raised serious concerns about abuses by state security forces and armed groups in both Indian and Pakistan-held parts of Kashmir.

It does not talk about Kunan Poshpura mass rape of women done by the Indian army (reference the half widows, the pellet gun victims, the agony of people in Kashmir under complete lockdown which was imposed by the state with no communications as well.

The movie only showed the plight of the Kashmiri pandits, that too painting it communal without highlighting that not only Kashmiri pandits but Muslims and other faith belonging people numbering around 1635 were also killed.

The point to be noted, in 1990’s when Kashmiri Pandits incident happened V.P Singh government was in power which was supported by BJP and the governor was Jagmohan who was backed by BJP.

It seems the Kashmiri Pandits were used by the people in power to use them for their benefits. The announcements which were made during that time was to convince them to move to the refugee camps so that they can be provided safety there. It seems as if the system themselves wanted them to evacuate, had they wanted they would have provided the safety there, but they asked them to move to the refugee camps. Many governments came after then, but the onus always remained on Muslims that why Kashmiri pandits suffered.

“Kashmir Files” movie claims that it shows their pain, to show a pain in a way that it creates an atmosphere of hate and agony for Muslims with pre planned propaganda because directors and script writers always have this in mind what to tell, how to tell and what will be the expected consequence. The movie has created an atmosphere where even those who were neutral before are now filled with hatred and angst against all muslims, and the consequence was that even open genocidal calls were given publicly against Muslims.

Well! What to expect from the system when the ministers who are in prime positions are promoting it and are making it a tax free movie in many states and labelling everybody “anti nationalists,” if they are highlighting that this movie is so similar as “The Triumph of the Will” and “The Eternal Jew” which were presented as documentaries back then, but fuelled the Nazi propagandas. The movie Kashmir Files has done the same, it has fuelled already sparked Islamophobic atmosphere.
This is Media, and how through it the minds of the masses can be controlled/manipulated/moulded either towards left wing ideology or towards right wing ideology.
Someone has said it right, the only difference between left and right is that – the right wing doesn’t want you at their food table, while the left wing wants you at a food table with poisoned food. That’s it.
Tale of two countries, indoctrinated by the powerful tool media, stung by two extreme ideologies – left and right, both highly dangerous in their dimensions.

Hasbunallahu Wa’niaml Wakeel!

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