FIFA World Cup in Qatar

When I see muslims praising Qatar, I see it as their token of love for Islam, as they are praising whatever they are seeing little of Islam.

But we need to understand that –

There are types of thinking.

  • Shallow thinking.
  • Deep thinking.

Shallow thinking is appreciating whatever is served on face value/ appearances. Like people getting happy on the inauguration of FIFA World cup by Quran recitation.

Deep thinking is critically analyzing the situation and events, and then having a perspective as per Islam, not on the basis of East or West, but on the basis of Islam.

Deep thinking is that we see recitation is not enough, if what follows is exactly opposite of Quranic teachings.

A deep thinker will not get carried away on superficial values, and will not participate in such celebrations like seeing someone buying a home on riba (interest), and getting happy in that home by inaugurating it reciting Holy Quran whose very ayah says riba is forbidden and it is waging a war against Allah and his messenger! We know a lot of forbidden things are allowed in fan zones by Qatar during FIFA world cup which are discussed in the article.

Like any other present muslim (AND UNISLAMIC) regime, Qatar is just another example of a nationalistic, oppressive and racist state.

We know in the interest of nationalism, Qatar has Al Udeid Air Base which is the largest U.S. military base outside of the United States. Al Udeid Air Base has grown increasingly important to the U.S.’ ongoing military operations in the Muslim lands, which over the past 20 years have killed 387,000 civilians according to Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs.
Let’s recall when journalist Lesley Stahl questioned Albright – then the US ambassador to the United Nations.

“We have heard that half a million [Iraqi] children have died. I mean, that is more children than died in Hiroshima,” asked Stahl, “And, you know, is the price worth it?”
Albright answered, “the price is worth it.”

So you can imagine the height of oppression and the allies of the oppressors.

Coming back to FIFA again – As per the report in The Guardian – 6,500 immigrant workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have died since Qatar was given the hosting rights in 2010. In addition to seven new stadiums, dozens of major projects have been completed or are under way, including a new airport, roads, public transport systems, hotels and a new city, which will host the football final which has not even cost the lives of so many poor immigrant workers under inconsiderate work environment but has also cost 200 billion US dollars, which could have been used for the welfare of the Ummah, but yes expecting nationalistic nations to be concerned for Ummah is a delusion.

Even if we see the population pyramid of Qatar, we can clearly see males outnumber females in a colossal and irregular manner. This imbalance can be attributed to Qatar’s sudden population explosion: this is a state built by immigrants, who are overwhelmingly young and male.
As per reports, despite the promise of work and a better future, several news in recent years have said migrants are being forced to work in appalling conditions, with more than half still living in labour camps around the country, they cannot afford their families living there with them, so this has also resulted females family members to live in their native places, thus causing such a big difference in Population Pyramid which can be seen in the population (deformed) pyramid of Qatar.

Sports like FIFA football are all nationalistic games, they all begin with national anthem, so those who say keep politics away from sports are naive. The purpose of these games is to fuel the nationalism further, something extremely political.

Nationalism is such a rotten concept that we are asked by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to leave it as mentioned in the Hadith of Sahih al-Bukhari 4905. SubhanAllah! we are seeing right in front of our eyes how the nationalistic boundaries have caused a catastrophe for us all. Nobody speaks for the persecuted ones. Rohyngyas were stranded at Mediterranean Sea when they were fleeing the persecution from their place, and no muslim country opened their nationalistic and man made boundaries for them. We saw how Pakistan supports China because of its nationalistic interest even though a lot of persecution is being done on Uyghur muslims by the Chinese government, and there are so many examples like Qatar which has given the largest military base to US, another is Saudi killing Yemenis, Iran’s role in Syria, Turkey and Saudi normalising ties with Israel – all in the name of national interests!

Coming back to Qatar! Needless to say, Qatar is not an Islamic country and doesn’t follow Islam completely in all spheres of life which includes politics and economics, and has now done compromises on the leftover Islamic principles it was holding too, like people in fan zones being allowed to drink alcohol, and allowing unmarried couples and even ‘2SLGBTQIA+’ people to stay together in the same hotel room. England captain Harry Kane will be wearing rainbow band, and US team logo now has rainbow stripes.
And despite all this, Qatar is facing all criticism, highlighting that even if the nation is all nationalistic, giving military bases to US and by all means capitalistic in nature by spending 200 billion US dollars on just a game, but then too they won’t leave you as long as you have even a spark of Islam left in you. They will enforce their beliefs on you and make you convert forcefully (yes, liberal religion is one of the most intolerant ones which forcefully converts people, like it did with the indigenous masses of two continents of North America and Australia) – leading to compromise which Qatar has made by allowing it all in fan zones and few days of the FIFA world cup, but the liberals will not stop only on the mere allowance but will enforce it on you to accept it all. And all this has not stopped constant criticisms, we know French newspaper has also depicted Qatari football team as terrorists.

SubhanAllah! So many compromises but it yielded nothing!
It is not about Human Rights, they want to instil liberalism by force, had it been about Human Rights then why no objection has been raised when Qatar gave its largest military base to US and also spend from its own expense on its expansion, which resulted in killing 387,000 CIVILIANS.

The biggest tragedy of our time is that we take the definitions of peace from the makers of mischief!

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