May Day

Today, the 1 May is widely celebrated as Labor’s Day, also known as May Day.

During industrialization in beginning of the 19th Century, the industrialists used to exploit the labor class and made them work up to 15 hours a day. The workers rose against this exploitation and demanded paid leaves, proper wages and breaks for the workforce.
Labor Day has its origins in the labor union movement, specifically the eight-hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

For me it is really interesting to see how the politicians and the elites, whose nucleus is only self benefit, are celebrating and congratulating the working class for their endeavors and hard work towards the society.

The question, the working class be they labors or the engineers or the doctors or the teachers or of any other profession need to confront is – Irrespective of the fact where you are placed or working, are you working like humans tend to be, or you have been transformed into machines, zombies, into living corpses?

Workplace stress, Workplace depression is becoming the new area of grave concern day by day.

And if you are that fortunate enough who is at peace with your job then dont generalise the bigger picture for all as your’s.

When we as a society, as an advanced system has failed miserably to protect the innocence of children and save them from child labor, failed to provide the wages of the labourers before their sweat gets dried, failed to give proper wages to the farmers who are still fighting for their rights to get fair wage for their harvest,
And needless to mention the pathetic plight of those working under corporates, then we have failed deplorably.

There are still plenty of labor issues at play.

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