Even the cactus is beautiful with a different perspective

As we are under self imposed lockdown because of increased cases of coronavirus day by day, I was going through the gallery of my cell camera to refresh the memories of the places we have recently visited and as I was relishing the memories, I paused on an image which I have clicked back then just because it might have appeased to my visual senses and appeared beautiful enough to get captured. And I appreciate myself that I have clicked it, it is indeed beautiful not only the way it appears but also in the beautiful inspiration it imparts.

The image is of a cactus.
Cacti are well known as the plants that can thrive on little or even no water for a long time, they can endure driest climates and severe odd conditions.

To many the cactus may look thorny and ugly,
But they are amazing the way they carry.
They come in different sizes and interestingly some of them even can bear colourful flowers for sometime for instance there is a cactus called Saguaro,
it can produce a flower but it takes about 70 years to show its first flower.

– So, it is okay if bearing a flower is taking time, you need to be patient like Cactus Saguaro, it blooms almost after 70 years, but it blooms, so if you are having tough time to bear a flowering result then wait, have patience, don’t forget you too are a cactus in life’s struggle and is striving hard to endure the hardest and driest and harsh circumstances.

Cactus may appear spiky thorny creatures but their thorns are their way to protect itself from other animals and birds and thus protecting the water storage.

– It is important for us to know what is important for us to protect, in order to survive the driest phases of life, and even for that, if we have to be a little thorny then it is okay to be so.

Cacti are mainly juicy and soft from inside as they have stored enough water for their survival but they are fierce and spiny from outside to protect what is vital for it to thrive.
Another lesson – Not necessarily all fierce surfaced things are bad, it might be that an apparently fierce may be soft from inside and it might be their way to be protective and to thrive the driest phases they have endured from time to time.

Even a cactus is beautiful, only if we see it with a different perspective.

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