Don’t be a dead fish

SubhanAllah! Yesterday was indeed a bit of a tough day, as back home halloween is not celebrated at this level. Children were going door to door for trick and treat.

All were dressed up in halloween dresses and kids may find it a bit of fun.

But we need to make our kids understand that even in fun we can’t do what is forbidden.

Alhamdulillah, explained our younger one, the origin of halloween and that it is not allowed as per Islam and how being “left out” (by not celebrating it, as everyone was doing it) we are not left out actually but would have been considered special in Allah’s sight inshaAllah.

Alhamdulillah, explained him through the parable of dead fish that how only dead fishes go with the flow.
It takes courage to resist the flow and pressures.

It is very important to teach our kids from early childhood about these concepts clearly because we can’t expect from them when they are grown up to understand everything automatically.

Nodoubt, only Allah is Al Haadi – The Best to Guide but as parents we need to fulfill our responsibilities to do their tarbiyyah as given to us by Allah Al Haadi.

May Allah Al Hafeez protect our kids from all filth and protect us as well ameen.

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