Wildfires – A Wake up Call

Wildfires – A Wake up call.

The masks were again on, the AQI (Air Quality Index) was severely effected, there were allergies and irritation due to the
smoke from fires in Quebec which drifted over Ontario and some parts of the United States. As per the news – Four million hectares has already burned by June 6.

Well! The causes of wildfires can vary from natural to the ones triggered by humans. Wildfire have strong direct or indirect ties to climate change.

Meteorologist Bob Henson noted that the hot, dry spring in Canada that laid the groundwork for these fires is a symptom of climate change. It’s a reminder, he said, that “the weather and climate don’t stop at national borders.”

We have recently witnessed the news of devastating floods in Pakistan as well. No doubt! Much was the result of the deprivation on the level of the system which could have built the dams, and have channelised it, at least causing the mitigation the aftermath. But what to expect from the system which is made by man whose nucleus is selfish benefits, the system didn’t do what it ought to, in addition to this it allows the electronic waste from developed countries to get dump on their soil in the disguise of “re-usable resources” which can generate “employment” causing harmful effects beyond unprecedented levels. As per the report – “Electronic goods made up of hundreds of different materials and containing toxic substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and flame retardants. An old-style CRT computer screen can contain up to three kilograms of lead. Once in a landfill, these toxic materials seep out into the environment, contaminating land, water and the air. In addition, devices are often dismantled in primitive conditions.” As per Interpol. “Much is falsely classified as ‘used goods’ although in reality it is non-functional. It is often diverted to the black market and disguised as used goods to avoid the costs associated with legitimate recycling.”
In addition to this, We know 118 Private Jets have been used by the Leaders To COP26 Climate Summit Burning Over 1,000 Tons Of CO2.

This is the reality of the system which is centred around capital, their nucleus, their kalimah is only money, their own selfish benefits.
But as said rightly by Meteorologist Bob Henson “the weather and climate don’t stop at national borders.” The climate change knows no man made borders, the devastating effects can be well seen across even in the developed nations even though they are good in disposing off their own e-wastes to third world countries.
As the poet Rahat Indori has rightly said in his couplet, “Lagegi aag to aayenge kai ghar zid mein. Yaha per sirf hamara makan thodi hai.”

According to an article published by the University of Manchester by Aileen Murphy under Global social challenges – “Capitalism is an economic system in which the ultimate goal is to make profit. Companies therefore compete with one another to make more profit, producing and selling more goods in factories, using machines and large amounts of energy and electricity. As a result, there is a huge increase in demand for energy down to capitalist interests, resulting in gases being released into the air and warming up the average temperature of the earth. As fossil fuels are burned to create energy in power plants, significant amounts of carbon dioxide are released increasing the surface temperature, causing climate change, and increasing the likelihood of natural disasters.” Industries like Fashion is also affecting our oceans and according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), 35% of all the non-biodegradable microplastics in the ocean are there because of synthetic fabrics that have been made by the fashion industry.

The system is so deeply embedded in their own selfish benefits, in their making of capital that they don’t care for the planet, for the humans.
Once a friend of mine was glued to one of the series and I just watched a single episode to get a glimpse of it (please don’t waste your time in watching it), but as I am writing down these lines, I can relate to that series on Netflix called Snow Piercer which is just a glimpse that what’s going to happen if things will continue like this, the human race will eventually be under disaster due to climate change and the only ones who will embark the lavish, super expensive train like Snow Piercer will be the ones who can afford it – the super rich, the capitalists, and the few (poor) who are boarded there through force or through other means will then too be regarded as second class and bound to work as labour deserving no life of dignity.

Seriously! What’s the point of searching life on moon or on another planet by making this very earth a devastation to continue? Perhaps! The point is the escape of the capitalists into the new world after ruining this very planet as they will be the only ones who can afford to escape and afford the spots on moon and other planets.

Wildfires are a wake up call.
To see and take up the scroll!
To search for the alternative which is against money hoarding,
Whose Kalimah is not capital, money making.
Whose belief is not monopolising the public wealth,
Whose nucleus is not selfish benefits by confusing between the desires and needs.
And Whose worldview is not limited to extract laws from the limited human mind.

(Pic of wildfire above taken from a news portal).

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