Baap daada ke zamaane se hota chala araha hai

He said, “Indeed ye have been in manifest Error – ye and your fathers.”
Surah anbiya ayat no 54.

The above was the reply of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) a.s when he enquired about the images, he found people and his father so assiduously devoted to (surah anbiya ayat no 52).

The reason given to Ibrahim a.s was “We found our fathers worshipping them.”
Surah anbiya ayat no 53.

And just before the investigation which Prophet Ibrahim a.s carried forward and is mentioned in surah anbiya ayat no 52,
the ayat 51, talks about his sound judgement and conduct.

We live in a society, where a son, who is not interrogating and not being inquisitive about the beliefs of his father is seen as someone who respect his father, “izzat karne wala beta”, or in another case, a father not being inquisitive about vital issues to his daughter or son, is considered as a token of his love, “baap ka pyaar”

But our father – Abraham, the Khalil of Allah swt, The Friend of Allah swt, didnot hesitate to question his father and he not only asked and enquired, he even put forward the truth that they were in manifest error!

The repercussions we all know which followed badly afterwards but the truth conquered it afterwards.

The story for us is a source to pay heed to that – Just because our foreparents and ancestors were doing something doesn’t mean it is right and should be followed as it is because of respect and love towards the tribe, “baap daada ke zamaane se hota chala araha hai”, or “we have seen our ancestors doing this”
One should put forward the truth even infront of father and people (society) and it is not disrespect but a virtue worthy of respect and love, an utmost duty, as no one will desire their beloved to land up in vain.

Yes ofcourse the way to convey can vary and should be carried out wisely and it differs from case to case.

The story of our father Ibrahim a.s is a booster – Question, ask and settle for nothing less than haqq.

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  1. Brilliantly expressed..very common n sad reality of society then n now…only thing in common is the illogical logic…baap dada kiye toh humein bhi krna chahye..

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