Al Jabbar

Al-Jabbar (The Compeller, The Restorer, The Repairer).

Just try to contemplate at the universe carefully, you will see that how beautifully, it is very magnificent and active with a wise administration, the planets each revolving at its own orbit without colliding the other’s path, the beautiful Sun, the Moon, all and everything are beautifully compelled to do their duty by Al Jabbar, Who compel things and events, but has given a free will to humans, to whose service He has compelled the other creation, for instance the fauna and flora, from which we harvest our benefits, we even ride on many animals who are compelled to obey our commands and be at our services.

But, He Al Jabbar, The Compeller has given us free will to explore Him through rational belief and whether to submit or not to His will but sadly this is something we often take for granted, though it is a test for us in every bit.
The little freedom we have got from Al Jabbar, Who can compel us to do anything as per His will, we take it as if we deserve it and we boast and feel arrogant upon it.
We propagate the weird idea “our body, our choice, our will” but the reality is that we don’t own our own body, we neither created it at first place, nor we have control upon many involuntary organs inside our body like heart, digestive system, lungs, so how can we claim our body, our choice?
It is an amanah (trust) given to us by Him, on which will be held accountable, and this is the reality whether we acknowledge it or deny it.

Sadly, we either go for the above mentioned notion of freedom, or we literally abuse our body and mind by continuously making it and compelling it to do something which we are not, like for instance, to befit in the notions of beauty provided by the society we live in, to understand our worth with the followers or admirers we get on virtual platforms, comparing ourselves to others, who obviously have an entirely different reality of their lives and existence, we know not specifically.
But we abuse ourselves by doing so, whose results when not met up to the mark, makes one to land up in despair and worthlessness and good for nothing sort of state.

SubhanAllah! If Al Jabbar, The Compeller has given us free will to choose then why are we so ungrateful to compel ourselves either to the so called notion of freedom which actually is nothing but slavery to the false glory, or to the other extreme by compelling ourselves to the standards where we start abusing our ourselves, our bodies, our mind, by compelling it not to be original but to think and copy the provided standards?

We should think about it!

The beautiful name – Al Jabbar, also translates as The Restorer, if you are broken by whatever reason, turn back to Him, He will restore you again, He will heal you and you will feel liberated in His servitude alone.
Surrender your free will to Al Jabbar, The Compeller, through Holy Quran and the life of Prophet (pbuh), inshaAllah He will not allow you to compel yourself to anything degrading.

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