Why is it so

Why is it so that a person who rapes can escape the punishment just because he is a minor? 

If he was able to commit the atrocious act while being a minor, then why it is so that when it comes to accountability he is considered as juvenile? 

Why is it so that some days ago we just finished with a judgement passed on Nirbhaya’s case and again we witnessed the same horror carried out in same manner? 

Why is it so that we don’t understand a simple thing –  that a rape victim doesn’t only suffer physical tortures but mental scars as well which extends and affects the whole family as well?

Why we end up in selective outrage? 

Why is it so? 

Why we feel satisfied after joining a protest and writing a blog or having a debate upon this sensitive issue and think our job is done and carried out? 

Why we are always back to the square when rape happens again – debates, protests, kadi ninda, wishful thinking aur Bas. 

Burqa and Bikini both stands in court sharing their stories that they both are teased and put to shame. 

Here comes the problem in the mentality, the whole burden shouldn’t be put on clothes. 

Building thought process through culturing and education along with modest clothing for all genders along with strict judicial system is the way forward which will stop people from being devil in the disguise of humans and teasing not only women be they burqa or bikini but also will stop them from degrading to lowest level which they do by being abusive to children, the fragrant flower buds who are ruthlessly crushed much before they can blossom. 

Appreciated are those who atleast write and speak up but there remains a desire to see more than protests, blogs, debates and write ups, to see the scars of the victim healing, to see the oppressors shivering, to see beauty of love and peace. 

Hope this all wishful thinking doesn’t just remain on a piece. 


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