Ramadan and the great Indian summer

Even at late evenings, when I go out in my balcony to grasp the view of beautiful sky and to get some inspiration from the lessons of vastness it offers to us, the breeze of eventide seems not so gentle. Even at that point of time it is warm enough to be said as hot, after all it is May and we are experiencing the great Indian summer.
 And if you happen to go out in the sun at noons, then the skin seems like it is “burned out” and perhaps this beautiful feeling of getting burned can serve as a beneficial reminder for us all inshaAllah in the upcoming days.
– Ramadan in India are falling in the month of peak summers, a season whose breeze is said as *loo* as it is *very hot* and the season which all in all gives the message of *burn out* because of scorching heat.
Interestingly! Ramadan comes from the root word *ramad* which means-to burn.
So, probably the heat and blessed month together is giving the same message- BURN.
Let’s pray to Him that may we burn out our sins, our lethargic attitude, our weaknesses, our arrogance,ignorance, our escapist attitude, our defeatist mentality.
Let’s burn them all.
Let’s try to take that  one beautiful step towards Him.
Let’s try to be amongst the ones whose mere presence inspire others to love Him as He ought to be.
Let’s try and let’s try to have that burning desire which which will not extinguish after the ramadan moon is over.
let’s try to achieve the real purpose of fasting and that is as described in Holy Quran chapter 2,  ayat no 183 – la’allakum tattaqoon, so that ye may achieve taqwa. 

Let’s try and strive, 

As He loveth those who strive!

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