Why don’t we think it as a tremendous trial

While making children of Israel to recall Allah’s favour, He swt talks about how He swt has saved them from the people of Pharaoh who used to set upon them hard tasks and punishments, used to slaughter their sons and let their women folk live (how hard it would have been for them all). 
And then Allah swt says – wafi zaalikum bala’aum mir rabbikum azeem which translates as *Therein was a tremendous trial from your Lord.*

 (for reference surah baqrah ayat no 49)
SubhanAllah! Allah swt is calling it as a tremendous trial for them. 
Then why is it so that when we see today the like of Pharoahs and his agents killing innocents and  slaughtering them, then some of us quickly label the sufferings as the cause of being  grave sinners and easily claim that they they are suffering because of their own sins and it is all punishments. 
I mean from where did this come from? 
Why don’t we think it as a tremendous trial?

And why don’t we try to be their ease in the hardships of their trials, by understanding how to confront the strategies of the tyrants?

Or is it because it is always an easy escape to blame evil things on the oppressed? 

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