Under Hashtag MeToo campaign 

Under Hashtag MeToo people are sharing stories of sexual harassment and assaults, without taking any names as such in general. 
Many women are sharing personal stories of sexual harassment under the hashtag or title ‘MeToo. 

The series of serious allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has prompted a social media campaign and this campaign is highlighting the magnitude of this crime which many a times remain unsaid or unaddressed. 
Well! While scrolling down fb news feed and reading the heartbreaking statuses of the MeToo hashtag campaign by many, makes one feel like praying for the oppressed and against the oppressor of such filthy crimes. 
But it is really sad to see that women are having objection when some men are also using this hashtag as menToo and giving voices to their abuses and harassments. 
I mean, Victims are Victims, be they women or men. 

Why fall on gender war upon it? 
Why it happens when women express their issues and concerns and raise their voice they are termed as nothing but feminists? 

And why it happens that when men raise their voice that they too were harassed and were oppressed then they are regarded as those who were not supposed to express it? 

Why is it so, in many cases? 
Other than this, 

True it is, this issue is societal and propagation of absolute freedom of everything as per whims on every level followed with no accountability by the poor judicial system of the society and no realisation of self accountability infront of God about good and evil can be regarded as one of the major reasons behind such filth. 
But having said that all, one cannot deny the fact that for instance, let us assume that even if there exists no hypersexualition at all by moving images and etc and by and large people become God fearing and the judiciary is all good but then too, though on smaller scale there might exist such perverted morons who will transgress the limits, blaming it all on shaitan that he made them sink into it, as if they are not given a will to think and choose about it by themselves. 
So, my point is. 

With so many people coming up with hashtag MeToo, highlights the sensitivity and gravity of this issue, which  generally, otherwise was kept closed behind the doors because of honour attached to it. 
Yes, there may be some false allegations as well, but to generalise all under this category is to victimised the victims to more degrees. 
To make this campaign only for women is not justice, if men are speaking too, then hear and pray for them too. 

Don’t make it a gender issue. 
Evil and Good both exists in both side. 

If you are abused by the same gender or opposite one, doesn’t mean all with that gender are same. 
Thirdly, yes God consciousness, a sense of being accountable infront of Him, and society with proper judicial system plays a significant role in wiping it out to a great extent, but let’s accept it, some perverts can then too misuse the religion as well to misuse and blackmail women and men and even children. 
May Allah swt protect us all from being an oppressor or being oppressed. 


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