To admire someone to unprecedented levels

To see truth we should see the text and authentic sources and not the large number of followers to the person preaching it. 

Because truth doesn’t necessarily come along with the glittering numbers of followers, to cite one example – we all know shaitan has probably the largest number of followers as compared to many Prophets (peace be upon them all).

Other than this, it is natural to a large degree that the person through whom we learn the teachings of beautiful deen, may become our inspiration and many a times we start admiring them to unprecedented levels. 

But we should understand those who are alive are prone to the trap of deceptions and fall. 

To tackle this, we must try our best to push and boost ourselves again and again to admire and get inspired from the personalities of the past. 

Yes, to say it all is easy but it is hard to follow in deeds, as we all somewhere get inspired and inclined from fellow beings as well. And I believe it is okay to get inspired but it should not cross the levels or it should not result in blind following or it should not make one to fall into despair if there comes any shortcomings attached to the concerned teacher. The love and admiration should not be unexampled. 
To learn truth, we should try to equip ourselves with the art of Salman Farsi ra. 
Please Note – 

Just a general post not particularly about someone. 

I keep reminding myself of this reminder, thought of jotting it down this time in words as it may benefit someone by His will. 

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