These intolerant voices find strength in our silence

Gauri Lankesh, a senior journalist was shot dead outside her home in Bengaluru. 
“Gauri Lankesh has been trolled and called names. There are those who belittled her, saying she was just basking in her father’s glory. She has been called a naxal sympathiser, anti-national, anti-Hindu and a host of other names. But none of this could faze her.”
Last week, when jokingly she was told that she doesn’t understand social media and technology. She replied “Those who understand technology are silent. I will do what I can and I will say what I should. These intolerant voices find strength in our silence. Let them learn to argue using words instead of threats.”
“Be careful about what you post on social media. We live in dangerous times,” I told Gauri Lankesh last week. She replied saying “We can’t be so dead. It is human to express and react. What we feel impulsively is usually our most honest response.”
The above excerpt is taken from the wire.

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