Silence in actions is a betrayal of highest degree. 

Imagine! If you are being tortured, raped, your family members killed and you are forced to flee from your own country. 
And you have many who are powerful enough to help you not only by charities and duas and sabr reminders but they can help you in first place by sending their armies to rescue you but what you are left with is nothing but leftovers!
When you are all looted of your dignity and honour, and you find someone, who was capable at first place to help you, later offers help like bandages, some medical help, some charity, some good rhetorics and some million iqamas, so what will you feel? 
Some may end up in glorifying it that something is better than nothing, atleast there is some help, others will end up in – hey! what are you doing other than writing a post and criticising them on public platforms, AND Alhamdulillah  some will realise it wholly that the ones who were capable of stopping the persecution, the mass genocide by mobilising their armies at first place did nothing and remained as  mute spectators and then offered some help, after all the havoc and ethnic cleansing occurred, are also equally responsible as to allow the oppressors carry their oppression forward. 
Silence in actions is a betrayal of highest degree. 
Hasbunallahu wa’nimal Wakeel.

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