The threat of mass conversion to Islam 

According to news report, Dera Sacha Sauda followers have threatened the mass conversion to Islam.

Well! We all have seen the blind following, the andbhakti of Dera Chief Ram Rahim Singh. The followers were so blind in following him that they in angst have damaged, destroyed and burned lot of property in different parts of the country.
Infact, a curfew like situation was imposed in many parts of the country, for the support of rapist Baba Ram Rahim Singh!

Now, this recent news that the followers are giving threats that there will be mass conversion to Islam clearly shows that the blind followers, the andbhakts can also see clearly that Islam is treated as a *threat* for Hindutva.

Seems, the blind followers have also learned the art from the authorities on how to blackmail people living in secular nation using religious cards.

Having said that all, Islam encourages one not to accept and follow Islam just because you are born into it but because you have rationally testified to it with your heart and mind that La’ilaha illalAllah Muhammed ur RasoolAllah. (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) and when the rational approach to this kalima is done then one has to submit wholeheartedly to One God, Allah swt alone.

What saddens me is that sometimes Dalits, sometimes other oppressed people who have been subjugated by upper castes from the same religion, also use this as a threat that “if we will not be recognised or if we will be oppressed like this then we will go for mass conversion to Islam.”

May Allah swt bless us all and guide us to the right path and may to accept haqq we don’t go for things like threats.

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