The impression 

The impression one gets after watching news debate and news in general is that – 
“Islam oppress its women and make its men nothing but terrorists.”


Seriously! Day in day out, everywhere is the same impression or same doubt – 

About women and men!

Angst is the emotion I carry for the mainstream news machines in general, but then I interrogate myself why am I amazed so much? they are all extremes, they work for their own selfish benefits, they have to be loyal to their capitalist masters in full swing. 

That’s it. 
But really, 

I, sometimes, feel pity for the common people who work like machines to meet their both ends meet, and when they watch it all in the news that too in mainstream, then obviously it will only get feed in and they won’t think beyond the scenes as they are programmed such that they cannot think much. 

Like machines, they have to do their work and have to feed in what is served to them. 
I feel pity and sad for them. 
And seriously, I am well impressed when I still see people around, who can and who are atleast trying to read beyond the lines. 
May Allah swt make things easy for us all. 


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