The system for the people 

While having a little informal chit chat with a poor *Hindu* woman,  (yes I deliberately highlighted the Hindu word and you will understand that in a while) she told me candidly how she has to work during the day time leaving her little babies at home at the mercy of her relatives and how during nights, it frequently happens that her husband beats her severely when she argues that why he waste her hard-earned money on alcohol. 
She is just one among many. These cases are very common. 
Though problems are problems and they need to be solved whether they belong to anyone but I have highlighted here Hindu because the government and media seems all busy solving the Muslim’s women oppression which they are facing under triple talaq!

I wish government should ban alcohol as it is the root of all evils and innumerable women and families are suffering because of it.

But alas! I am hoping from wrong place. The government gets good revenues from alcohol and unlike spicy triple talaq issue it won’t catch the eyeballs and malicious agendas either!
Banning of slaughter houses in U. P under the umbrella that they are banning the illegal ones, and we know that some report says that even the legal ones selling chickens and mutton are shut down by their activists, meanwhile openly claiming in North East that they will not ban the beef there if they come into power seeing the reality there is different, speaks volumes about their care and concern of  gau matas!

Coming back to illegality issue, if it is the issue then we have a wide section of working class widely spread from small Dhaba walas,  hawkers to the milkman who possess no valid licence and food permit and are working in fact polluting water and soil as well in cases. 

Will they ban them as well? 

Is it right to ban the working class without providing any substitute for their livelihood and daily bread? 

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