The lift of ban upon driving in Saudi Arab

“You know Muslim women are like Queens and have you seen a Queen ever driving a car herself? That is why there is a  rule not to drive a car in Saudia Arab.” 
“You know women are very emotional and they get more emotional when they are menstruating, and driving needs focus that’s why they don’t drive the cars in Saudia Arab and one should not question the Islamic rulers”
Got these defending explanations on women driving issues from blind fans of Saudia Arab in past. 

Now, when there is this recent news upon the lift on ban upon women driving, 

I wonder what they will have to say in support? 
women, no longer Queens now? 

Or somehow they all have reached their menopause? 

Well! My intention is not to hurt anyone by writing this post, but the point is –  Please don’t support “Saudia” Arab so blindly with such weird arguments that whatever the rulers prescribed as per their own standards and understanding, you think and believe it as a derivative from Islam and you take it as your moral obligation to defend it all.

They are ruling on Muslim lands but they are not the Islamic leaders.

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